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CIPS NE Branch Webinar - Women Empowerment in 2021 - Shared screen with speaker view
Stella Addo
Brilliant point made on the medical cost and value addition. wow 👏
Stella Addo
Want/ Need analysis 👍
Stella Addo
l love all the panelist and the wonderful experiences you are sharing. l am inspired. thanks 👏👏👏
Great Panellists. Great words. The power to choose, power to walk out and to create the passion, that follows with some brilliant works is what makes you all and all women stand out. Never underestimate yourself. Being Responsible and Reliable on consistency is not easy for all. Think big. Set your values and behaviours that inspires others to think why not me too. Make yourself resilient to take every challenge as opportunity- and treat every rebuke as their loss to use your skills. All the best to these Panellists- and to every woman professional.
Stella Addo
women power. great women . well done. 👍👍👍